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Core Features

The eComNet Community Management System is a flexible web framework for creating unique digital experiences for independent social media networks of all types and sizes. Well, Our focus is aimed at local neighborhood communities

Residential Communities & Neighborhoods

The platform is build on cloud computing technology and can host any local neighborhood community or any type of residential community. Each community is created in a Cloud Space and consist of its own apps, roles, and permissions system.

  • Every space created has an independent Social & Collaboration Platform
  • You can create one space inside another and has a parent, child relationship
  • They are created on the second layer
  • They top layer is open and members can engage globally

Roles & Permissions

UI : There are two basic roles for people who manage Groups, : admins and moderators

Back-Office : We do have the system operator in back-office. Operator can create new roles and assign actions to it.

Permissions control user levels, visibility, actions & access. Determine what each user can do and what they can see within our eComNet platform.

Our Permission Builder

One of the most important aspects of any membership-based CMS is permissions and membership levels management. This is where you set up what certain members can do, how much they have to pay, what they're called and for how long they're granted their membership levels.

Online Forum & Discussion Board

Where traditional, face to face engagement has limited participants, online community engagement enables more people to have their say, at their convenience .

  • Online community engagement gives everyone a chance to be heard
  • Ensuring investment is based more on the community’s expressed needs.
  • It allows for continuous conversations between communities and third parties
  • Can bring out the issues that really matter to the community.
  • Brings transparency and avoid nepotism

This creates a dialogue where diverse views can be given space and people, governments and organisations can gain insight into different perspectives and positions.

Community Groups - Membership

Groups are a place to connect, learn and share with people who have similar interests. You can create or join a group for anything — stargazing, baking, parenting — with people across the globe or across the community. Groups can be Public, Closed or Secret.

A directory of members with similar interests and objectives provides amazing opportunities for individuals to network, build relationships, and learn from one another. The closer members feel to each other, the more valuable the community becomes to everyone involved.

Community Events

Our Events Module comes equipped with advanced features like event calendars, RSVP functionality, recurring events and much more, making it the perfect tool for organizing and managing community events.

Some benefit it could offer communities
  • Bringing communities together
  • Raising the profile of the area
  • Through giving back
  • Small Event, Big Impact

Finally, whether an event is large or small, it can have a real purpose in raising community-wide awareness about local issues.

Community Youth Development - Awareness

Transparency is our game, and what a way to accelerate, and showcase youth activities

Why should we engage with the youth in our community?

Involving the youth in your community is far more than a choice – but a need that’s backed by multiple compelling factors. Here are a few reasons why you should be engaging with the youth in your community.

  • Fresh perspectives and ideas
  • Inclusivity and representation
  • Addressing specific concerns
  • Shaping future leaders
Top level